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As unique telehealth and booking platform for naturopaths and alternative or complementary medicine professionals, Healthscript provides several unique benefits to you:

  • Increase revenues by providing appointments from our growing customer and member base.
  • Be in control of your time by deciding when to accept appointment.
  • Complementary to your existing business.
  • In-house naturopath and peer-to-peer to support with unique patients` cases.
  • Establish credibility within the area of your expertise by publishing articles on our Totalvita health literacy portal.
  • Product order platform designed to provide value to you patients and you by automating orders and delivery to patient’s door.

Check out testimonials from some of our existing naturopaths who are benefiting from using healthscript platform:

Marley Cohen

Dry Skin

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Real doctors who worked with Health script

TJ Davis

Oily Skin

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